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Tool Design

Creating effective tools and methods to solve problems and increase efficiency

IRC Consult has a vast amount of experience in developing tools and guidance for technical staff within national governments, NGOs and donor agencies, as well as the experts and consultants supporting them. Most of the tools we develop provide a useful model or starting point for more tailored solutions. We specialise in tools to lead sector-level change processes to ensure sustainable WASH services; tools to analyse what's working and what's not and tools to design solutions to specific service delivery challenges.

Our most recent tool design work include

  • The Faecal Waste Flow Calculator to determine faecal waste volumes along the entire sanitation service chain, allowing the user to determine where the biggest losses are and thus where interventions should be targeted.
  • A suite of costing and budgeting tools - developed with our partners Water For People and Aguaconsult 
    • The Asset Registry Assessment Tool helps you to plan for rehabilitation and other capital maintenance expenditure, based on the data you enter on the state of the infrastructure in your district. It tells you which water systems are at risk and which components you should consider replacing or maintaining.
    • The Cash Flow Analysis Tool can be used to analyse cash flows of service providers. This tool helps you to create an overview of your income and expenditure for the coming years and to analyse if you have enough resources to cover your costs and, if not, which elements in your planning you should adapt.
    • With the Direct Support Cost Tool you can calculate i) the actual direct support expenditure per person, ii) the required direct support costs per person, and iii) the gap between the actual and required direct support expenditure per person in your district. 
    • With the Financial Overview Tool you can create an overview of your revenue and expenditure at the service authority level (i.e. district as a whole). You can calculate the gap between actual and required revenue and expenditure and analyse the various expenditure components and revenue streams.

IRC Consult is interested in joint work on tool development. Our staff is available for both tool design as well as tailor made trainings on the use of our existing tools. 

IRC has many years of experience in developing approaches that work; data gathering, costing, appraising and designing programmes and systems

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